• 70th Anniversary

    We are 70 and we can't keep calm! We look forward to seeing you at one of our many programmes planned to mark our 70th-anniversary celebrations.

  • Ut-Sint-Unum Dieu Le Veult

    This is our motto.  Ut Sint Unum, translated from Latin means, “May they all be one”, and Dieu le Veult, translated from French means, “God Wills It”.


    Our alumni are referred to as SLOPSA. It is a privilege to be an old girl of such a prestigious school. The many contributions of our old girls to the

  • New Classroom Block

    To continue to improve upon our infrastructure to ensure that we remain one of the best senior high schools in the country

    About Us

    Most Rev. Hubert Pailissen, SMA, in early 1949, said; “In this country, scarcely 15 per cent of the school-going youth are girls.

    The people now begin to realize that more must be done in favour of this much-neglected part of the human race, and the chiefs, conscious of their duty towards their subjects, asked us to establish schools for girls in their respective villages

    But to obtain results, it is necessary that the direction of girls’ schools should be in the hands of Sisters of a Teaching Order with the necessary experience in the latest development of pedagogic methods.”

    Academic Programs

    General Arts

    With options in Economics, Geography, Elective Mathematics, Information Communication Technology (Elective – ICT) Government, Twi, French, Literature in English, General Knowledge in Arts (GKA).

    Vocational Subjects

    Home Economics: Food and Nutrition, Management In Living, Chemistry, Biology and Economics. Visual Arts: G.K.A, Graphic Design, Picture Making, Sculpture, Textiles and Elective Maths/Economics


    With options in Business Management, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Elective Maths and Economics

    General Science

    With options in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Elective Maths

    Our School

    Years of experience
    10 +
    1 +


    65th Speech & Prize Giving Day

    News Headlines for the 65th Speech and Prize Giving Day Celebration 1. Government Strives for Quality not Quantity Free SHS 2. St. Louis SHS to cut down

    Election – The Pacesetters

    REPORTS ON THE SCHOOL ELECTION Every year, leadership roles are handed over from competent prefects to equally competent candidates. This year was no different at

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