Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, unlock activity, innovation and passion for science and technology by using the motivational effects of robotics to develop science, engineering and technology skills.

While building well-rounded leadership skills including self-confidence, emotional intelligence, communication and stewardship.

Our Club

Robotics is basically the study of robots, their programming and their manipulation. It was introduced into St. Louis in the year 2011, by the Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation(GRAF). It has built the minds of students to analyze, brainstorm and challenge themselves to find diverse means to build an efficient robot and solve problems. The club currently has several participants with about 53 active and 14 able executives.

Annually, competitions organized by Robotics Inspired Science Education(RISE) are held where various participatory schools compete and exhibit their knowledge in Robotics. Thankfully, St. Louis has taken active part and with our hard work, won several awards, in spite of the numerous challenges of the club.

We encourage all hands-on deck to support in any way possible. “Brainiac’s Rise….bringing out the genius in you”

Thank you.