• “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation” (Mk 16:15). This is the mission that Jesus entrusted to his apostles. It is the same mission that the apostles have passed on to their successors – and it is the mission of the Church today.

    The School bears witness and proclaims, so that all may believe in Christ and in his Word, may hope in the fullness he has promised us, may live and love with him and like him. The Catholic Church guards this sacred Tradition, meditates upon it with love, shares it with the men of all times and all places, while preserving it from falsification and error. St. Louis Senior High School has the following Spiritual activities

    1. Week day Mass at 6:00am
    2. Sunday Mass at 6:30am
    3. Benediction on Sundays before Prep
    4. Station of the Cross during Lent Season
    5. Rosary Prayer during Rosary Month
    6. Carols Night in December
    7. Arch Bishop’s Visit in the middle of the 2nd Term
    8. Student’s Retreat at the Last Week end of every term
    9. Teachers’ Retreat; a day after vacation



Question: When was the Chapel built?

Answer: The school’s chapel was built on 25th March 1966 and this brought about the name; Church of Annunciation because An Angel declared unto Mary.

Question: Goals and plans of the chapel?

Answer: The renovation of the chapel someday to make sure students get the maximum comfort and satisfaction. Also, stocking the chapel with more pews and changing the Mosaic.

Question: Problems facing the chapel?

Answer: The Mosaic is spoilt and needs renovation since it is very old, the pattern is purposely made to give an outline of Jesus Christ, Immaculate Mary, and the Saints.

Question: The number of priests that have been here so far?

Answer: Seven priests so far, we had Father Num(SMA priest), Father Van de Laa, Father Coman, Rev.Fr.Mattew Adusei,  Rev.Fr.Patrick Nkrumah, Rev.Fr.John Amankwah and Rev.Fr.Henry Mensah.

Question: The societies under the church?

Answers: The Catholic Students Association, Lector’s society, St.Vincent de Pual society, The Ladies of the Blessed Sacrament and the Soul Shakers’ society.

Question: The goals of the various societies?

Answer: The Catholic Students Association was set up to build unity among Catholics and also to help students pray. The goal of the school’s choir is to be able to minister through hymns and songs into one’s soul to change the lives and also spread the gospel. The proclamation of the word is the goal of the Lector’s society, the goal of the St.Vincent de Paul is to perform charitable duties. The goal of the Ladies of the Blessed Sacrament is to recruit more mass servers to help the priest at the altar during Mass. Finally, the Soul Shakers’ society’s goals are to be able to minister the gospel through music and dance and also drama to win more souls to Christ.

Question: The impact of the various societies under the church?

Answer: All societies under the church hope for the best of all students and to help them in times of need. The ministries inculcate into their members, the need to cling to God in all situations. Also, they build up students’ spiritual lives rendering them to have faith in God, hope for the better and teach them how to attain eternal life. This moulds the pupils’ lives in order to be on the right path to attain God’s special blessing. The Legion of Mary society encourages praying of the rosary which helps students, especially Catholics to be proud of their faith. This helps one to get God’s intervention and divine mercy.


This page was updated by: Esther Akua Fosu (3AS)

Source: Rev. Fr. Henry Mensah (School Chaplain)



HARMONY, PEACE and UNITY are our ambition because these are the prerequisites for success in life.