Business Club

Magnate!!! Ladies of Inestimable Value!

The business club of St. Louis Senior High school was established in 2013 to equip students, especially those in the business field with more knowledge about their course.

The business club’s main function is to educate students on business courses offered in the tertiary level, encourage students to embrace the business course and also make them confident in every field of life.

The club does not only deal with educating on the business field but also, topics on health relationships, life problems and composure are usually discussed to enable different views to be analyzed.

Fun activities such as quizzes, pick and act, drama, debate are occasionally organized to make the club lively and fun

During every academic year, talks are organized in various tertiary institutions and the members of the club are offered the opportunity to attend these programs which educate them a lot in every aspect of business

As a result of the club’s appreciation of St. Louis Senior High School, in the year 2017, it donated five bins to the school and the club hopes to do more in the years to come.

The club meets on every Tuesday at 6:00 pm to 6:45pm.

Join the business club today to equip, educate and entertain yourself to be a lady of InestimableValue.

God bless the Business Club!!! God bless St. Louis Senior High School!! God bless you!! God bless Ghana!!!



Mr. Augustine Nketia.