Science Club

The Science Club is an association of students in schools worldwide who come together to make the entities of science available to all. Science club, the intellectual group of professors is a highly valued club in St. Louis SHS as a result of the many benefits and opportunities it offers to its member.

As the first club ever established in St. Louis, It has met its expectations with undoubtable facts. It is open to all manner of students irrespective of their courses.

The club has the sole aim of widening students’ understanding of what, why and how the world and its constituents is. Science being the “basis of all creation” as the motto of the club suggests must be critically analysed, understood and applied and the science club of St. Louis does just that.

Due to the hard work and dedication of the executives, the club has achieved a lot including the making of our very own wind vane.

Our weekly meetings which are very interactive and educative are held on Tuesdays. Quizzes are also organised among the various groups in the club which have been named after renowned scientists. We hope to achieve more as the years go by


“The Basis of Creation”