French Club

Where determination lies, failure can never dismantle the flag of success. The French club encourages its members to epitomize good bilingual attitudes. Its membership is not limited to French students only but is open to other students who have a passion for the language and are willing to get in touch worldwide.

Just as our greeting goes ”connectez vous au reste du monde”, parlons francais”,” nous sommes fiers d’etre bilingue.

In English we would say” to connect with the world, speak French, we are proud to be bilinguals”.

The club is a few member rated club but nevertheless, we still do what we do and do it well.

The movement of the lips as it brings out words eager to be understood by the crowd, the funny vocabs, interesting pronunciations, the fun we have when we meet as a club all plays their part in making the club intriguing.

Vive le club francaise, vive St. Louis

Long live the French club, long live St. Louis