Young Investors Club

Investors, Investments are life. The young investors club is an ongoing club for past years now. The club was established by our beloved and caring patrons Mrs Juliet Antwi and Mr Simon Boachie.

The institution of this club has drastically reduced the continuous and unnecessary spending of monies by our girls. It has also introduced to the students, the needs and essence of savings. It has really imparted good morals into the student body and this is quite acknowledging.

The monies invested by the students are kept at an appropriate bank where students receive their investment plus their interest before they complete school (in their final year). They are rewarded with a token amount as a form of their interest.

The main aim of the Young Investment Club is to help students spend their monies judiciously. Also reminding students not to be bothered unduly about their investment because their monies are kept at an appropriate and safekeeping bank.