The Writer’s, Drama and Debaters club is a club that was founded by the students of St. Louis Senior High School. This club was founded to help students exhibit their writing, acting and debating skills. The maiden WDDC drama competition that was held in the school on the 27th June, 2014 was to help bring the students together and also help them exhibit their talents after a long week of learning.

This maiden Annual Inter-House Drama Competition was in a unique style since some special people were invited to judge and award marks. The following were the participating houses.

–          Our Lady of Fatima House

–          St. Mary’s House

–          St. Joseph’s House (Upstairs)

–          St. Joseph’s House (Downstairs)

–          St. Charles Luanga House

–          St. Martins De Porres House

–          Mary Joannes House (Upstairs)

–          Mary Joannes House (Downstairs)

–          St. Scholastica House  (Main)

–          St. Scholastica House (Annex)

–          Brick House

The criteria used to judge were

  1. Production – Stage designing, costuming, make up and overall stage management
  2. Direction – Blocking (i.e. the movement of characters on stage)
  3. Acting – Quality of characterization, vocal skills and movement
  4. Innovation – Creativity and new approach to drama
  5. Minus Penalties à (after 5 minutes) late arrival


The following prices were given;

–          Overall best actress

–          Overall best house

This year’s best actress went to Emmanuella Asante of 2AM in the Brick house who acted as a fetish priest while the Best house went to the Our Lady of Fatima House.

Comments from the house mistress of Our Lady of Fatima: “We are grateful to WDDC for organizing this programme. It really was educative and fun at the same time and we plan on keeping our position all the time. Thank you”

The house mistress of the last house had this to say about the results; She said the judgment was fair. She also said that she was disappointed in the performance of her own house, so she promised that they would come 1st next time.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the WDDC drama competition want to make this programme national. They also said they were facing some financial problems, therefore appealed to Old Girls and others such as teachers, parents, the media and any interested person to help sponsor them to make the programme a national programme by bringing so many schools on board.


We appreciate the help of the Patroness of the WDDC, Mrs Grace Brobbey-Boadu and those who helped to make this programme a success especially our noble Judges; Rev. Fr. Henry Mensah, Mr. Michael Nti-Boakye and Mr. Robert Amuzu.

Reported By COMSCOL Executives:     Esther Fosu (President), Tracy Nhyira Afrifa (Vice President), Jacinta Adjei (Organiser)