The St Louis Past Students Association (SLOPSA) is raising funds to support the construction of a 600-bed dormitory for the school.

The project, estimated at $700,000 (GH¢2.7 million), is expected to ease the congestion that has resulted from the increase in admissions in recent years.

The association said the investment would greatly help to continue the success story and achievements of St Louis SHS, where brilliant girls continued to pursue their dreams to make an impact on society.

Previously, SLOPSA had provided computers and furniture for the school’s computer laboratory, purchased water storage tanks for the school and renovated the washroom facility at the classroom block.

The Leader of 1992 group, SLOPSAN Barbara Lokko, said the desire to host the anniversary, which coincided with their 25 years after school, was mooted two years ago as way of giving back to their alma mater.

She said they were embarking on a GH₵80,000 project for the school and that included the purchase a commercial lawn mower, solar energy panel for some classroom blocks and sponsorship of awards for students, teachers and others.



The association is also carrying out renovation works and installing a solar panel in the school to provide energy for effective teaching and learning.

Ms. Bruce said the project (New Dormitory) which was being financed through voluntary contributions and fundraising activities was expected to be completed in 2020.

Ms Bruce said the school which was founded in 1952 had become a fulcrum in girl-child education by setting females on a path to greater heights and increase participation in the society and the economy.

She expressed the hope that the provision of the facility would ease congestion that had resulted from the increase in admission.

She commended the 1992 year Group of the school for sponsoring 65th Speech and Prize-Giving Day saying that it was the first time a year group was sponsoring an event like this.



other projects of SLOPSANS would be added soon