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There was silence when the baton was handed over to us. What to do, how to do it and where to finish it were questions throbbing our heads. Relief came to us when we realized how much we could withstand the impending storm.


2014/2015 Academic Year

We had conquered ourselves to build boats that aided us to sail through the flood. We therefore embraced the answers to hard work, determination and the spirit of teamwork to attain our hard earned achievements. Some of these are; the fulfillment of our yearly projects and above and the most successful and highly patronized week’s celebration which brought schools together.

Our story was mainly spiced up by the spring board of challenges. But like hurdles, we jumped over them and crushed our burdens by means of the knolls of love for the council. Not forgetting the painstaking night and scorching day’s meetings.

All in all, with the grace of God as our anchor and constructive rebukes and pieces of advice by our patrons, we have eventually planted on the foundation left for us by our predecessor; Truth for progress.


We grabbed the courage and fought with the giants in the sky to release thunder and lighting of showers of success for the council. We now await our successors to continue the better works we have put up.


S.R.C. for Students, for Truth, for Progress.



HARMONY, PEACE and UNITY are our ambition,

because these are the prerequisites for success in life.

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    St Louis, the school of distinction yes indeed is a very nice place to go in for socialisation

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